How A Concept Call Leverage Made Us $175,000 in 6 months
    This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on increasing your sales through commanding premium prices:

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    Understanding Leverage
    What Is Leverage?

    Leverage is a huge word, but what do you understand by the word, leverage?

    It could be:

    • Greater bargaining power
    • Borrowed Strength
    • Doing more with less
    • Using less to get more
    • More marketing
    The 2 Important Points Of Leverage
    Leverage can easily be broken down to 2 important points: Positioning and Reach
    The first important point of Positioning can easily be explained by this chart below:
    Question: Where would you want to place the fulcrum at (A or B) in order to lift the rock with the least amount of effort?

    To answer that:

    • Putting at A will be the hard to lift the rock as you'll need a lot of effort to lift the rock.

    • Putting at B will be easiest, and will require the least effort to lift the rock.

    Putting it right means that you’ll need the least amount of effort to lift the rock, while putting it wrongly require you to put in more effort than usual to do so.

    This shows how important positioning for your business is.

    A great positioning could mean being:

    • In a key area where you are surrounded with great amenities
    • Around your key customers and potential clients
    • At the right place to get the most out of the situation .

    The second important thing is having Reach.
    Think about this: Who has more profound impact and value in your life, your favourite school teacher or your favourite movie star?

    Who do you think makes more money? 

    However, who has more profound impact in your life?

    Your favourite school teacher would probably have more impact as he/she spent more time with you, at least for an entire semester year. 

    Meanwhile, your favourite movie star would just be someone you saw in the movie theatre for around 2 hours at most.

    So the big question is, how does the movie star makes at least 50 to 100 times the money than your teacher?
    It’s basically down to the ability of the amount of people the teacher can reach VS the amount of people the movie star can reach.

    The teacher have to keep teaching actively in order to do their job, and can reach at most only 1000 students for the entire year.

    The movie star just need to spend the time making the movie once actively. After which, the movie can reach millions of people passively after.
    Why Hustling Is Just Not Enough
    Many entrepreneurs and businessman start a business and are willing to hustle. 

    They put in a lot of effort into their business in order to build it up and give everything they have to their business. 
    Even if you double your effort, you’re still going to have very minimal result because of your positioning and reach.

    Positioning correctly means that it is important to put effort at the right parts of your business.

    This means that putting in effort alone is not enough if you do not have clarity on what activities that will give you the biggest leverage.

    Entrepreneurs can easily spend 20 hours a day and get close to no results most of the time. 

    Meanwhile, celebrities earn way much more than usual people, while putting in way less effort and time.
    How Brands Use Leverage For Their Business
    Most successful business out there do more than just ‘sell’ their products. Brands such as Coke and Red Bull don’t outright tell you to buy their product because it’s good.

    The truth is that a successful business is 80% of the time inspirational.

    These brands use both reach and positioning to gain leverage for their business, allowing them to reach more people and position themselves as an inspirational brand.

    What’s the first thing that you think of when you think of Red Bull?

    For most people, it’s a drink that ‘gives you wings’ and also a brand that is related to extreme sports and competition. 

    With the media covering all these events and competition, that’s how they leverage on ‘extreme sports’ to reach more people and gain more awareness of their business.

    The other example would be Coke. We all know how unhealthy Coke is, but people still buy it because they position themselves as an inspiration for happiness and family.

    You’ll normally see advertisements during festive periods on Coke to reinforce their brand and positioning. Instead of selling Coke as a product, they position it as a happiness beverage.
    Back to you...
    Now that you know the two important points of Leverage, how are you going to implement them into your business?

    How are you able to increase your distance and reach to reach more people with less effort?

    How are you able to position your fulcrum so that you require less effort to reach more people?

    Once you finally got the piece of the puzzle, you'll be able to live that 4 hour work week you have been hearing of so much.
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