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What Is Coaching?
Have you ever wondered why some small business become incredibly wealthy ... while others never "get there"? The difference lies in having a coach. But, what exactly is coaching?

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Get access to step-by-step, in-depth transformational content personally by Jason Lim with the simplest and easiest way for you to change your financial life!
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Jason Lim has put virtually every secret he knows about business wealth into this program. This comes from over 10 years of experience in helping his clients generating millions of dollars in revenue. Best of all, this is taught in a way that is simple, usable and most importantly, creates proven results for people.
Who Can Jason Help?
  • Advertising getting too EXPENSIVE
  • Saturated market causing insane PRICE WARS
  • Customers are NASTY and demand too much
  •  Employees are LAZY and unproductive
  •  Keep getting LOW BUDGET customers

"Best Decision EVER"

Jason, I want to thank you for your time. Even though you are a very busy man, you are willing to guide us and coach us for our business. You cleared up a lot of doubts and strategies that I should use.

"Previously I was clueless how to get more sales"

I learned necessary knowledge and skills that I need to equip myself with even before the start of business. The planning, strategizing and execution of the business that I learned from this course is so valuable and important.
Get access to step-by-step, in-depth transformational content personally by Jason Lim with the simplest and easiest way for you to change your financial life!
Jason Lim's Client Speak Out!
Having invested major money in multiple seminars that yielded no actual results, and frustrated by the high cost, lack of accountability, and poor results he got, in 2014 Jason Lim began figuring out how to recruit talents, increase his confidence and build a successful business.

 After months of painful trial and error he found the answers. That's when he began teaching friends and business associates how they too could create massive wealth in business.
Javier found back his confidence to sell his services at premium prices!
Shawn made $20,000 in a less than 3 weeks!
Saiful made $15,000 after one phone call!
Why "Smart People" end up POOR!
From the desk of Jason Lim
Dear Friend,

Do you know what really makes the difference between you and the millionaire?

...Do they have more time than you? 

...Do they have more brain cells?

...Do they have higher IQ?

No! You are probably smarter, and speak better than most other people you meet!

Yet, why are you POORER than them?! 

Think about it,
...we all have the same 24 hours per day.

...we all have 100 billion neurons in the brain.

...we all have internet to increase our IQ.
Why "Stupid People" are RICH!
Let's get clear on this: It's not time, not genetics, not your IQ that determines if you become a millionaire. 

What makes the difference is how he or she uses that knowledge.

And that is why I am writing to you and to people like you.

For that is the whole mission of my life:
"to transfer modern day wealth creation knowledge to individuals - knowledge that they can use in improving their lives and how to use it for making their retirement dream come true."
Don't let OPINIONS stop you from making a FORTUNE!
Biggest MYTH! in the history of Wealth Creation
Jason Lim's Story
For 10 years I struggled with a series of failed business ventures – wondering why it seemed impossible to get any of my ideas off the ground.

At age 24, I was so broke, I had to try to survive on a loaf of bread for a week – embarrassing at any age!

Then, I received some advice that would change my life forever. A wealthy friend told me to study the strategies, tactics, principles, tools, thinking, of other successful individuals, who were already rich, and find out what they all had in common that made them so successful in life.

Now, after years of studying, trial and error, using myself as the test subject; I have created a step-by-step, "copy and paste" system that, quite frankly, almost anyone can use to create instant wealth entering their lives. These are powerful strategies that can help anyone, from all walks of life, to draw wealth to them.
Who Is Jason Lim?
Jason Lim Has Already Helped Over 100+ Of Companies Solve Their Problems!
He Understand Your Problems, And He Has Already Your Pain. 

More Importantly, He Has The Solution You NEED To Make Your Problems Disappear...Virtually Overnight!
Ready For Jason Lim Coaching?
"Is this for me?"
You might be wondering who is this for, and if you are suitable for Jason Lim's coaching help. 

Jason Lim is selective on the clients he accepts. He is not interested in wasting time with "tyre kickers" (people who are full of excuses why their life don't work out) 

We have prepared a list below to help you identify if you qualify.
Here's who this is NOT for
This is not for you if...
❌ You do not understand what Jason Lim can do for you

❌ You are a property agent, insurance agent, MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing, work-from-home, get-rich-quick schemes, biz-opp, etc.

❌ You cannot make decisions in your company

❌ Your products does more harm than good (eg. Tobacco, Liquor, etc.)

❌ You do not have a business
Our Promise To You
Did not fall into any of the above? Congrats!
Here's a list possible outcome and potential results we can promise to you (actual results will vary between individuals and business)
  •  You get to stop working 12, 14, 16 hours a day, and get closer to hit your income goals

  •  You have a better way to promote your product online

  •  Your cashflow becomes consistent, finally stopped feeling like a roller coaster ride every month

  •  You have world class public speaking skills to create massive branding, leverage on time to create more sales

  •  You have a system to promote and market your business on social media, fully automated. Creating sales in your sleep.

  •  You become the Rolls Royce of your industry, charging higher premium and increasing your profit margins 

  •  You attract higher quality clients to you, who will see your value, and get high networth individuals coming to you as referrals

  •  Your clients have high loyalty with deep pockets to buy from you

  •  You are finally unstuck and achieve exponential growth to SEVEN figures in the next 3 - 5 years, or less
...And more!
Ready for Jason Lim?
Here's How It Works:
Topics covered:
  •  Unleash your company's underlying potential for more sales
  •  Advanced persuasion techniques to win more negotiations
  •  High level human psychology to get highly-motivated staffs
The Process
  •  Minimum Duration: 12 Month
  •  Two Classes Per Week (Each Class is 90 Minutes.)
  •  Online Only
  •  Private 1-on-1 with Jason Lim: $12,000.00 per month
  •  Group Class: $2,000.00 per month 
  •  Payment via Cheque or Credit Card
*All prices in USD
Our 10X Money-Back Guarantee
  •  If you don't find that the information covered in Jason Lim coaching program can help you earn back 10X the investment, we will refund your money back. No questions asked.
You cannot find a better deal than this anywhere else! Jason Lim has 10000% confidence in his materials. 
Question is, are you confident in yourself?
Check out the amazing results from our past clients!
"What I love most is the clarity that Jason is able to give. I have been in this business for quite while, but this course has cleared up a lot of doubts and strategies that I should use. I would recommend anyone who want to start any business to attend this course. I used one of the strategies Jason taught and generated $20,000. Jason, I want to thank you for three days of your time. Even though you are a very busy man, you are willing to guide us and coach us for our business"
Shawn Khoo
Jason used practical examples and shared experiences on how to identify specific target audience, their demographics, interests and behaviors, and how to design simple marketing campaigns to engage the target audience. His seminar was entertaining, engaging, easy to follow and full of actionable tips.
YingYih Low
In just 3 weeks, I increased my margins and my sales improved by 20%. I've also managed to increase my Average-Order-Value per transaction by 30%. During the midst of it, I also secured numerous collaboration deals. All these without spending extra dollars in marketing. Jason didn't just teach me short term tactics or tricks that only worked temporary. Instead, what I learnt from him was time-tested strategies and theories that can achieve success like the above in the long run.
Wee Jun Wei
I have been operating my own business for quite a few years and the fact of the matter is competition only got stronger and stronger with thinning margin each day. I eventually got stuck at some point. Jason helped me realised why I was stuck, and showed me a step-by-step plan to get out from my debts. It was a life transformational experience for me. Honestly, it was not easy having to take advice from someone who is much younger than me.
Leon Pang
you really are the expert for Facebook ads! You have showed me how I can save a lot of advertisement fees and yet get much more leads than other forms of advertisement and the ROI is totally mind blowing and thanks a lot for showing me how to use Facebook ads for different target groups. There are a lot of social media trainers out there who teach you methods that don't really work but you have shared in depth knowledge with me and I really appreciate that.
Jerry Tay
I can't believe how you manage to help me make another $10,000 to $30,000 during the course with what I already had, that I was not aware of! At first, I was was quite skeptical. Because I see that you were committed and you are daring enough to offer a full refund if I didn't benefit from it, I finally decided to sign up for your course. At the end of the class, I am glad to say that I have never regretted signing up! Every minute with you was worth it! You are really clear about how buyers think, and give us really deep insights into the psychology of buyer's decision making process! You are always ready with answers, not fearful of challenged at all.. those sales objections I faced, those pricing issues, conflicts and objections I encountered, you nailed them all!
Javier Wong
I must say that his input into my business really blew my mind. Although it was only for a short 2 hours, I've gained a lot of insights on how I should position my business for greater success. I say it even as someone who's actively reading business/sales/marketing books; Jason's mind is something else altogether. Will highly recommend you find him for business growth strategies!
Ethan Lin Yihan
I used to be one of those people who hated their work, and complained about it everyday. I was full of anger, hatred and vengeance. I did not want to enter and take over my family business. I was forced into it, and I became unhappy of my life everyday. I lived my life in default, I lacked purpose, and became extremely broke financially. It was through Jason’s coaching that helped me discover the true calling about using my family business as a force of good, and making it a vehicle to improve and impact the lives around me. I regained my sense of purpose in life, and I successfully turned around the mess in my life in less than 2 years. Because of this, I found my voice and started sharing my message with others who are struggling in their life too. I was miserable until Jason showed me that positive, supportive and authentic relationships are the foundation to the success we want to achieve long term.
Styles Chong
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